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A request of you artisty people out there..

Hi! I know, this isn't really an oekaki post, but it has to do with art, so yeah. No one has been posting lately. I suppose it's because of school.

Here is the story. Me and my friends VEAL (vanessa, emily, alyssa and me!) wrote this RP that we love to death. We are planning on turning it into ficage or a webcomic or something. (Most likely ficcage) Well, it's a long story, but basically they end up flying around space in a ship that looks... remarkably like Sephiroth. (the sephiship we call him) I've drawn the lines for him, we are going to be using him in our site's layout, but I had realized long ago that I am no good at CG at all. So, my request is, is anyone is maybe bored, could you try your hand at coloring it? If you do, try make the colors bold, lines rather hard and disney like, and the background blank. I'm gonna be putting in a space bg for it.

Feel free to screw around w/ it as much as you want...

Some "Guildlines" (as in you don't have to follow them.. you know what Sephi looks like)
- A neutralish body part...(grey, skin tone ish)
- the flame in the back is accually his hair. make it like, silverish.
-other than those, make it bright!

Thanks, and I hope someone finds this...
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