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Go Go Gadget First Post!

If you're here, I command you to join. Right now. Look at my avatar, Nine is all like 'OMG YAY!' because he wants you to join. How can you say no to the Doctor?

Okay, so, here's what you do; go to OekakiBBS.com and register yourself a nice personal BBS dealio. While you're waiting for it to actually register, read the rest of this. When your BBS is ready, use it like a journal, or just for doodling. It's like a sketchjournal, except you actually get to draw in it. (ohemgee.) When you're done, you can link your latest posts here, and share them with the rest of the community! Draw/write about your day, how you're feeling, or don't even bother with the journal bit and just share doodles. You can post things that aren't from your OeJournal in the community, such as other art, writing, poetry; suggestions or comments for the community, but not journal entries. That's what the OeJournals are for. ;) When you post a link to your journal, feel free to give a little blab about what's goin' on, that's fine. Just no full-blown rambles, please. XD;;

I'd totally post, but my oekakiBBS isn't registered yet. It takes about a week, by the way. :D; So, you can chat it up here, or make your own posts and go wild! Super!

Remember... OMG YAY! >D
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