One Last Hurrah (la_bien_rose) wrote in oejournals,
One Last Hurrah

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Hallo! Nice to be here and meet you all. I'm Jessi (biscotti, unfairyprincess, la_bien_rose, etc.). I made an oekaki thing too! And it will be my alternative to DA or SA, since both seem to be failing mightily at life. Plus it's a rad sketch journal and whatnot.

My first post was just a silly little doodle, so I didn't save it to my hd- I'll link you all to my oekaki directly, so as you can meet Wallis.

your sweet tooth (My oekakibbs)
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Helloo! :DD

Boo DA/SA! >O /disgruntled
>3< Hurrah! _A's are a dying breed; the future is us! /cackles maniacally